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Project Data

We have gained knowledge being involved in the long-term enhancement of a multi-platform solution with our client. Their software systems for various types of sensitive construction data are a software & hardware ecosystem across several platforms for PC, Android, and iOS. Combined, all devices contribute to various aspects of the construction cycle.

Product Description

Their products obtain data from numerous sensors in a construction environment and as a result of complex calculations allow them to operate construction machinery within the demanded high accuracy. All key values are visualized in real-time on a dashboard and are accessible to a machine operator at any second of the construction process. The secondary data is packed into additional modules.


Our goal was to provide efficient solutions in product design (and redesign). We surveyed users to gather user experience, gathered feedback from all stakeholders, and shaped it into modern visual concepts that helped our clients foresee the vector of their further product development. Throughout our research, we detected the necessity of a dark mode, created a rollout plan, and helped at each step of a dark mode integration. That led to an instant increase in product satisfaction (as most users work in a low-light environment).


To improve the implementation of new design features we worked closely with product owners and supported them at each necessary step — from rapid prototyping and brainstorming to mockups and high-fidelity interactive prototypes.


As a part of the product restyling project, we created the following: a new UI-kit (icons, graphic elements), a cross-platform style guide, improved user flows, and new informational blocks on a dashboard. Thus we were able to improve the visual appeal, make the entire design system feel modern, and increase the quality of data perception by users. These all led to the reduction of mistakes and misunderstandings — which is crucial for projects of such scale.

Significant increase in stakeholder satisfaction

UX-Design for a seamless foundation

Responsive design for enhanced UX across-devices

40% increase in stakeholder satisfaction

UX-Design for a seamless foundation

Responsive design for enhanced UX across-devices


UI-Elements and UI-Kit

Concept Design

User Flows



GUI Style Guide

Dark mode adaptation


Business Development Manager

Without exception, when working together, RS found good solutions for all problems that arose. Particularly noteworthy here is the creativity in designing user interfaces, which represented significant added value for our software modules.

Additional Info

What is UI design?

UI design, or User Interface Design, is the process of creating visually attractive and user-friendly interfaces for digital devices or software. It involves designing the layout, look, and feel of the interface to enhance user experience and usability. Our goal is to create interfaces that are not only intuitive and aesthetically pleasing but also fully functional and easy for users to navigate.

Why is UX so important?

UX, or User Experience, is crucial as it directly shapes how users experience a product or service. A good UX is fundamental for creating products that meet user needs and expectations, shaping positive relationships between users and the brand. It ensures users find the product enjoyable, efficient, and easy, leading to satisfaction, retention, and better business outcomes.

When is redesign crucial?

Product redesign becomes feasible when the current design doesn’t work well for users or when it’s outdated. It’s necessary when people give negative feedback, when there are usability problems, or if the look doesn’t match what users expect. Basically, redesign is needed to make things better for users and keep up with changes. It is always a good idea to sync a redesign with a rollout of new big features.