Railway Digitalization

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Project data

Working together with state rail networks is always a great challenge due complexity and desire to find very long-term and extremely reliable solutions. We are involved in the digitalization of the railway infrastructure on pilot projects (regions) that after a successful rollout and state authorities approval will be scaled nationwide.

The focus of our project is to ensure efficient requirements management for the modernization of a railway communication system, especially in the areas of telecommunications and control & safety technologies.

Our role

We provide comprehensive project support and controlling through smart status tracking. Transparent and comprehensive reporting serves as critical tools to communicate progress and enable informed decisions.

In addition to approval according to the European CENELEC standards, we also offer consulting services for regional projects in the railway environment, particularly concerning their development and approval.

We take an active role in strategy development and support decision-making to ensure the success of the digital transformation in the rail infrastructure.

Strategic improvements

Our expertise covers all aspects of the project, from the initial concept to the final implementation. We help to successfully overcome obstacles in the digitalization processes for modern rail infrastructure.

Boost in transparency

Faster decision-making

Weekly status reports

Boost in transparency

Faster decision-making

Weekly status reports


Requirements engineering

Strategy consulting

Project status tracking

Analysis and decision-making

General project management support


Project Manager

RS helps us to filter vast amounts of information that allows us to identify crucial details and monitor overall construction and development progress.

They also support us with shaping a strategy, setting milestones and finding the most optimal decision.

Additional Info

What is digitalization?

Digitalization is the process of integration of digital technologies and digitized data across the economy and society. It is a process of converting analog formats into digital ones. It involves the adoption of computers, software, and digital tools to collect, store, process, and transmit data.

What is railway communication?

The various methods and systems of communication used within the railway industry to facilitate the safe and efficient operation of trains and railway infrastructure. This communication encompasses a range of technologies and practices (signalling systems, train control systems, etc.) that support railway management, control, and safety.

What are the European CENELEC standards?

CENELEC, the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization, develops and defines European standards for electrical engineering and related technologies. These standards cover a wide range of products, systems, and services, ensuring interoperability, safety, and efficiency. CENELEC standards are adopted by European Union (EU) member states to facilitate trade and promote common technical understanding. The standards are regularly updated, and new ones may be introduced to keep pace with technological advancements and industry needs.