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Project data

Our client is a large construction company based in Germany and Austria operating worldwide. In order to optimise internal processes and to ensure data consistency they have launched numerous BIM development projects. This helps them optimize all planning and construction phases for the whole lifecycle of a construction project.

Our role

We efficiently implemented the end customer’s digital strategy to achieve the software development goals. In close communication with all stakeholders, we regularly reflect on the program and product strategies, aiming to create clear product visions.

Communication is one of the key components we provide to ensure everyone involved is always up to date.

Our goal

We head towards not only a completed project but a project that follows the company’s strategy and product visions. We execute precise budgeting and controlling to develop economically sustainable products. With a long-term vision, we help to crave technically innovative products.

We guide the rollout to ensure its smooth implementation. That includes careful pilot project management to ensure efficiency and functionality before the rollout at the full scale. We oversee the entire project lifecycle, from initiation to final evaluation, ensuring high standards and contributing to the long-term success of the company.

New level of data consistency

Fully interconnected project lifecycle

Higher efficiency in the construction process


Program and multi-project management

Budgeting and controlling

Communication with stakeholders

Rollout planning and piloting

Strategy and product vision

Presentations and workshops



We bring many innovations into our processes. For each development project, we have unique teams. RS and their communication skills help different teams to walk at the same pace. They ensure the vertical flow of information, so when it comes to rollout reviews and next-phase planning we are aware of all necessary data to make decisions. We are very grateful!

Additional Info

What is BIM?

Short form of Building Information Modeling. It describes a cooperative working methodology for all project participants for integrated, digital recording, management, and documentation of all data relevant to the life cycle of buildings using information models.

What is digitalization?

Digitalization is the process of integration of digital technologies and digitized data across the economy and society. It is a process of converting analog formats into digital ones. It involves the adoption of computers, software, and digital tools to collect, store, process, and transmit data.

What is data consistency?

The quality of data being uniform, accurate, and coherent across various databases, systems, and applications within an organization.